Without the cooperation and support of the San Jose Cursillo Community and the sponsoring of new candidates, there would be no Cursillo Weekends. Thank you for getting involved in God’s work.

The role of being a Sponsor is a tremendous gift from God but it is also a serious responsibility requiring time, effort and most of all, prayer.

Sponsor Requirements

Those who have experienced a Cursillo weekend may wish to share the experience by sponsoring a candidate for an upcoming Cursillo weekend.

To become a sponsor, the Cursillista must have made their Cursillo at least one (1) year prior to sponsoring any candidate.

For example, a Cursillista who made their Cursillo weekend in Fall 2018 became eligible to be a sponsor for a candidate in Fall 2019. All Cursillistas are called to live out their post-Cursillo as an active member through Ultreya, Group Reunions (4th Days), and School of Leaders.

Any Cursillista who does not meet the one (1) year requirement may become a co-sponsor with another Cursillista who meets the requirement.

The duties of sponsorship for a Cursillo weekend is a matter for serious consideration and prayer. The following guidelines provided are to ensure that all sponsors are aware of their roles and responsibilities while providing guidance to both sponsors and candidates regarding additional requirements and procedures that will apply.

To avoid confusion and remain consistent with other Cursillo documentation, “4th Day” will be referred to anything beyond the Cursillo weekend. Although weekly reunions are many times referred to as “4th day”, they are technically called Group Reunions or Friendship Groups while the monthly reunions are called Ultreyas.

Selection of the Candidates

  1. The sponsor should know the applicant well enough to act responsibly in recommending Cursillo to them.

  2. The sponsor should be sensitive to the candidate’s emotional makeup. Because of the close community life of the three-day experience, someone who is known to have difficulty in emotional or stressful situations or with interpersonal relationships might find the weekend too trying an experience. Examples including those undergoing marital separation, a recent loss of a loved one, or severe depression should be considered at a future time, when they would be less encumbered emotionally.

  3. Since this is a Catholic weekend, ideally, the candidate should also be a fully-initiated Catholic. The Cursillo experience is to deepen one’s understanding of the Catholic faith and one’s personal relationship with Jesus. Mass will be offered, the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be available, and other Catholic faith traditions will be practiced. The Cursillo experience is not a weekend for those who don’t believe in God or for those looking for a “higher power.” Exceptions to this can be made with the approval of the Spiritual Advisor. Candidates should be from the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose. Exceptions to this can be made with the approval with the Pre-Cursillo Chair and space availability of the weekend.

  4. The current cost of the weekend is found on the Payments page. The deposit must accompany the application. If you are experiencing financial hardships, scholarships are available by reaching out to the Pre-Cursillo Chair.

  5. A candidate’s application may be made either:

    1. PLACEHOLDER: Online: Online Cursillo Application.

      1. The deposit may be paid online (a transaction fee will be charged) or may be mailed. See the Payments page for the current cost and fees.

    2. PLACEHOLDER: Offline: Offline Cursillo Application.

      1. The Offline Cursillo Application must be mailed to the Pre-Cursillo Chair with the deposit. See the Payments page for the current cost and fees.

    3. Please note that once the candidate is dropped off, any outstanding balance will be due at this time. Please ensure check, cash, or credit card is provided to pay for the outstanding balance. If the sponsor is covering the cost of the weekend, the sponsor should communicate to the candidate that the cost of the weekend is covered. Otherwise, if the candidate will be covering the cost of the weekend, the sponsor will ensure that the candidate is aware of the outstanding balance and to bring the proper payment.

Duties of the Sponsor

Every candidate must have a dedicated sponsor or co-sponsors. The role of the sponsor is an important before, during, and after the Cursillo weekend. Team members serving on the candidate’s Cursillo weekend must be a co-sponsor with another member of the Cursillo community that is not serving on the candidate’s Cursillo weekend. The co-sponsor that is not working the team will have the responsibilities as outlined below.

Sponsors should not sponsor more than two (2) candidates per weekend. Since all sponsors accept the responsibility for initiating a candidate into a 4th Day and for guiding the newest of the community in continuing to live a Christ-centered life, all sponsors should be active and involved with Ultreyas, Group Reunions, and School of Leaders.The sponsor should also have an adequate knowledge of the Cursillo Method and should commit themselves only to those candidates they can follow up with effectively.

Pre-Cursillo Duties of the Sponsor

  1. Commit to attendance at the Sponsor’s Meeting.

  2. It is absolutely necessary to adequately prepare the candidate. The sponsor should explain the weekend and tell the candidate what to expect (i.e. the talks, the Masses, etc.), but not about Palanca, Mañanitas, Tardecitas, Agape, or Clausura.

  3. The responsibility of the sponsor is to see that each candidate realizes that they are renewing their Baptismal commitment to Christ by participating in a movement of the Catholic Church. This is a way of life that is strengthened and encouraged by contact with Christ and other brothers and sisters. This is sustained in a special way by the weekly Group Reunion which is one valuable way to live out the renewed commitment to Christ and the Church.

  4. The small Cursillo pamphlet has the essential information for both sponsor and candidate. It should be read and discussed by both the sponsor and the candidate. The pamphlet is found here: What is Cursillo?

Cursillo Weekend Duties of the Sponsor

  1. A sponsor is to provide the candidate with transportation to and from the weekend and to ensure the candidate has dinner before arrival on Thursday of the weekend. At the same time, the sponsor is to accompany the candidate into the weekend facility and help make the candidate feel comfortable.

  2. A sponsor is expected to Palanca prayers and to attend the Candidate hand-off Ceremony, the briefing with the Head Cook, clean up on Sunday afternoon, and Clausura. Please also invite family to write Palanca.

  3. The sponsor/co-sponsor is to be available to the candidate’s family during the three days of Cursillo. The goal is for the candidate to stay focused on their weekend and not be concerned what is happening at home. Sponsors should contact the family and ask/check in to determine what/how the sponsor can support the family while the candidate is on the weekend.

Post-Cursillo Duties of the Sponsor

The sponsor will assist the candidate in attending Ultreyas, School of Leaders Workshops and offer help finding or forming a Group Reunion (4th Day or Friendship Group).

The Group Reunions (aka 4th Days) and Ultreya are keys to preserving and keeping the fire with Christ and the Community alive, which began on the Three Day Weekend.