Lay Director

The Lay Director will:

  1. Review the National Guidelines for the Lay Director as described in the Leaders’ Manual.

  2. Review and adhere to the Secretariat By Laws

  3. Review and adhere to the Secretariat Meeting Ground Rules

  4. Responsible for the Cursillo Pastoral Plan, which is to be updated annually, and is to include achievable plans for the following items:

    1. Where should the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose Movement be in 5 years (or 2 years minimum) from now?

    2. What things are necessary to achieve that goal?

    3. Who will do it?

    4. Generate a plan based on maximizing Community input. The Plan shall have total support of the Secretariat and the community. Items of serious contention shall be resolved by the discernment process.

  5. Preside at Secretariat meetings.

  6. Prepare agenda for Secretariat meetings.

  7. Recommend the number and type of Cursillo weekends to be held in the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose , working with the Secretariat and the Chair of the School of Leaders.

  8. Vote only in case of a tie.

  9. Maintain unity with all cultural groups of the Movement in the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose . Encourage unity of purpose and of structure within all cultures.

  10. Participate in Regional and National Cursillo activities as the authorized representative for the English-speaking Secretariat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose Cursillo Movement.

  11. Work with the other Secretariat positions to ensure the success of the weekend and the Movement.

  12. Provide articles or communication for the Cursillo Update.

  13. Attend and participate in all Secretariat meetings and activities of the Movement which includes:

    1. Thursday night registration for weekends

    2. Weekend Clausura and potlucks

    3. Commissioning of Teams at their Day of Away

    4. Ultreyas

    5. School of Leaders

    6. Other Secretariat activities