School of Leaders Chair

The School of Leaders Chair will:

  1. Review National Guidelines for Chair of the School of Leaders as described in the Leaders’ Manual.

  2. Review and adhere to the Secretariat By Laws

  3. Review and adhere to the Secretariat Meeting Ground Rules

  4. Facilitate monthly School of Leaders meeting.

    1. Assemble, preside at, prepare and direct activities relating to the School of Leaders.

    2. Upon the recommendation of the Secretariat, determine the required presentations, and provide presenters for the School of Leaders.

    3. Assure that all elements of the School are maintained, for continual growth of its participants.

    4. Provide follow-up training for the new Cursillistas.

  5. Oversee Team Training Committee

    1. Develop and instruct the Team Training Committee to perform the following tasks:

      1. Organize and lead the Orientation of the Core Teams.

      2. Work with the Weekend Teams in reviewing the purpose and methodology of the Movement.

      3. Provide training and/or trainers for courses (rollos and service team specific) to be presented to the Team.

  6. Oversee Discernment Committee

    1. Rector/a Discernment

      1. Develop and instruct a Rector/a Discernment Committee to perform the following tasks:

        1. Develop a timeline for selecting Rector/a to ensure enough time to prepare for the Weekend.

        2. Generate a report of eligible discerners for Rector/a from the database and assist in the Discernment Process.

        3. Assure that prospective candidates for Discernment have met the requirements for discernment.

        4. Give priority to those Cursillistas who are actively living the Cursillo Method through Group Reunion, Ultreya, Leaders Community, or have attended a Cursillo Leadership Workshop or plan to do so in the near future.

        5. Contact eligible candidates to ascertain whether they wish to discern to be Rector/a

        6. Conduct the Discernment Ceremony.

      2. Final Selection of the Rector/a shall be in accordance with the San Jose Diocese discernment process.

    2. Lay Director Discernment

      1. Facilitate Lay Director selection.

      2. Receive nominations for the position of Lay Director.

      3. Forward nominations to the Secretariat for review.

      4. Schedule and facilitate Lay Director orientation meeting with nominees.

      5. Schedule and facilitate Lay Director Selection Night.

      6. If Lay Director can no longer serve and there is no Assistant Lay Director, the chair of the School of Leaders will assume the role temporarily until discernment can be held.

  7. Schedule workshops that are provided by Regional and National Cursillo leadership as requested by the San Jose Cursillo Secretariat.

  8. Work with the other Secretariat positions to ensure the success of the weekend and the Movement.

  9. Provide articles for the Cursillo Update as needed.

  10. Attend and participate in all Secretariat meetings and activities.

  11. Maintain and update the Rector/a Resource Manual as needed.

  12. Attend and participate in all Secretariat meetings and activities which includes:

    1. Thursday night registration for weekends

    2. Weekend Clausura and potlucks

    3. Commissioning of Teams at Day of Away

    4. Ultreyas

    5. School of Leaders

    6. Other Secretariat activities