Three Day Chair

The Three Day Chair will:

  1. Review National Guidelines for the Three Day Chair as described in Leaders’ Manual.

  2. Review and adhere to the Secretariat By Laws

  3. Review and adhere to the Secretariat Meeting Ground Rules

  4. Arrange for facilities for Cursillo weekend:

    1. Negotiate and schedule weekend accommodations with approval of the Secretariat.

    2. Secure liability insurance (check with Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose for current insurance company).

    3. Help familiarize the Core Team with the facilities.

    4. Join both the Men’s and Women’s Core Teams in a walk through of the facility at least three weeks prior to the first weekend. Determine that everything that is needed can be provided.

    5. Check back with the facilities after the weekend to make sure everything is okay.

    6. Assure that we get the cleaning deposit returned and a refund for any over payment.

  5. Develop a list of potential sites for team formation meetings.

  6. Meet with the Core Team prior to their first team meeting to review the San Jose Diocese Cursillo guidelines and practices for the weekend.

  7. Interact with the new Rector/a and their Core Teams in any way they may require assistance.

  8. Maintain an inventory of all manuals and other educational items for the weekend.

    1. Three-Day Manual

    2. Spiritual Director’s Manual

    3. Pilgrim’s Guide

    4. Rollo Manual

  9. Maintain Casa de Palanca.

    1. Keep an inventory of supplies purchased by the Secretariat.

    2. Inventory supplies after each weekend.

    3. Notify Lay Director of needs.

  10. Work with Music Resources Coordinator to make sure there are no music problems (copyright issues, musicians, etc.).

  11. Work with the other Secretariat positions to ensure the success of the weekend and the Movement.

  12. Provide articles for the Cursillo Update as needed.

  13. Attend and participate in all Secretariat meetings and activities which includes:

    1. Thursday night registration for weekends.

    2. Weekend Clausura and potlucks

    3. Commissioning of Teams at Day of Away

    4. Ultreyas

    5. School of Leaders

    6. Other Secretariat activities

  14. Oversee the following coordinators:

    1. Palanca Coordinator

      1. Assisting teams with their Palanca requirements and any other type of Palanca programs established by the Secretariat.

      2. Sending Palanca to other Cursillo Secretariats requesting Palanca for their weekends.

    2. Musician Coordinator: Responsible for getting copyright issues resolved, recruiting musicians for various functions, and other duties related to music within the San Jose Cursillo Community.