Assistant Lay Director

The Assistant Lay Director will:

  1. Assume the responsibilities of the Lay Director in his/her absence.

  2. Arrange for facilities for Secretariat Meetings.

  3. Take minutes during the Secretariat Meetings in the absence of the Secretary.

  4. Work with the other Secretariat positions to ensure the success of the weekend and the Movement.

  5. Provide articles for the Cursillo Update as needed.

  6. Coordinate with Parish Rep to schedule Community Potlucks following the Cursillo weekends.

  7. Attend and participate in all Secretariat meetings and activities which includes:

    1. Thursday night registration for weekends.

    2. Weekend Clausura and potlucks

    3. Commissioning of Teams at their Day of Away

    4. Ultreyas

    5. School of Leaders

    6. Other Secretariat activities

  8. Oversee the following coordinators:

    1. Communications Coordinator

      1. Prepare and distribute at least a bi-monthly electronic newsletter “Cursillo Update”, with any instructional, informative, spiritual, or inspirational matters related to the Movement.

      2. Include in the Cursillo Update:

        1. Announce School of Leaders meeting dates and locations;

        2. Announce dates and locations of upcoming Ultreyas;

        3. Announce dates and locations of upcoming weekends.

      3. Work with Website Coordinator and Database Coordinator

      4. Write articles for the Valley Catholic.

      5. Assist in keeping an up to date listing of Cursillistas and Email addresses.

      6. Work with the other Secretariat positions to ensure the success of the weekend and the Movement.

    2. Website Coordinator: Maintain the San Jose Cursillo website — (

    3. Database Coordinator

      1. Maintain the San Jose Diocese Cursillo database accessed through the website.

      2. This requires someone who is willing to shepherd a Database on a computer connected via DSL or Cable with a static IP to the Internet. This position also includes working with the Website Coordinator in maintaining access through the website.

    4. Fundraising Committee: Responsible for developing and maintaining fund raising activities.

    5. Social Committee: Plan and conduct social programs for the Community; e.g. weekend potlucks, parties, golf tournaments, dances, etc.