The Christian faith is not just a private affair, which has to do only with "God and me," but is a complex social dimension requiring inseparable group interaction. Because of this, when we come together to do the "work of God" it is imperative that we do the "will of God", not ours. In order to assure that we are doing God’s will, the San Jose Cursillo Movement has selected Saint Ignatius’ discernment methodology for making major decisions and for the selection of its’ leaders.

As a Cursillista of this Movement it is important that you understand how our leaders are chosen through our Discernment Process and Qualifications.

Discernment Process

The Discernment usually takes place at a local church with three or more qualified candidates and the Community.

After the opening ceremonies (song and prayer), the candidates meet with a facilitator while the Community continues to pray for the Holy Spirits guidance.

Because each of the candidates is technically qualified to take on the position, it is during the Discernment process that each candidate openly looks at themselves and answers questions which are designed to make them truly determine whether the Holy Spirit is choosing them at this time. The participants in the Discernment Process must agree with whom they feel the Holy Spirit is choosing. There is not a winner or looser or a right or wrong person but is this the right time. After the Discernment the Community welcomes the decision and the individual, and later, that person is commissioned into Rector/Rectora position.


Before an individual is eligible to discern to lead a Cursillo Weekend or lead the Secretariat, they must meet certain basic qualifications. The following are the initial qualifications for the respective leader positions:

Rector & Rectora

  1. Baptized and practicing Catholic

  2. Never been a prior Rector or Rectora (if there are no candidates, former Rector/a’s who served more than 8 years ago are called).

  3. Worked minimum of five Weekends

  4. Been a member of a Core Team

  5. Worked on the Service Team

  6. Given a Rollo

  7. Understand and be willing to follow the Cursillo Guidelines

Lay Director

  1. Baptized and practicing Catholic

  2. Never been a prior Lay Director

  3. Active member of the Secretariat and/or a Committee(s)

  4. Cursillo is their primary ministry

  5. Worked at least three Weekends

  6. Have been on a Core Team

  7. Have been on the Service Team and the Rollo Team

  8. Understand and be willing to follow the Cursillo Guidelines

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