Roles & Responsibilities

The members of the Secretariat should recall that the Lord, through his Bishop, has given them a most serious responsibility for the implementation of the authentic Cursillo Movement in the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose, California.

Conscious of each one's talents, it should coordinate individual contributions into a total effort in support of the Movement in all its phases: Pre-Cursillo, Three Day Cursillo and Post Cursillo. Making decisions relating to the Movement is the responsibility of the Secretariat. All Cursillistas are urged to support the Secretariat by prayer and Palanca.

The Secretariat must determine the potential of the entire Diocesan Movement so that each person may be led to discover their individual potential and contribute in a loving manner to the building up of the Kingdom of God. The Secretariat, as a service unit, is not established to be served but to serve the entire Cursillo Community. In this sense, the Secretariat meets as a Group Reunion whose apostolic plan is the promotion of the Cursillo Movement itself, programmed and carried out with the idea of the greatest service to all.