Make My Weekend

To protect our weekends including candidates, team members, sponsors, and the religious, this is a fully vaccinated weekend.

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Thank you for your interest in making your Cursillo Weekend!

Before applying, please check out our Cursillo Brochure along with What is Cursillo? to help you gain a foundational understanding of the Cursillo Movement.

The Cursillo Weekend is designed to bring a deeper understanding of Christian Life through experienced community, and to provide an opportunity for spiritual growth within the Roman Catholic Tradition. Therefore, any adult Christian Christians looking to grow closer to Christ may apply.

To attend the Cursillo Weekend, you must be present for the entire weekend that starts on Thursday night and ends on Sunday night.

The Cursillo Weekend provides the participant with the opportunity to grow spiritually. For example, as we begin the Cursillo weekend, we ask people to reflect on who they are and on their current state of spirituality in a community of Love.

Moreover, the Cursillo Weekend is not meant to solve problems that exist within one’s self or with relationships they have with other individuals. The Cursillo Weekend is not intended to convert non-believers into believers. However, all candidates should respect and accept the foundational beliefs of Christianity.

If you are ready to make your weekend ...

  • Please fill out all the forms. Please either fill out the Candidate Application online (preferred) or offline to ensure we have all the relevant information.

  • Please find a sponsor. For more information on who can be your sponsor, please check out Sponsorships and its roles and responsibilities. We can also help you find a sponsor if you're unable to.

  • Please check on the cost of the weekend. For more information, please check out Payments.

If you have any questions, please contact the Pre-Cursillo Chair.