Pre-Cursillo Chair

The Pre-Cursillo Chair will:

  1. Review the National Guidelines for the Pre-Cursillo Chair as described in the Leaders’ Manual.

  2. Review and adhere to the Secretariat By Laws

  3. Review and adhere to the Secretariat Meeting Ground Rules

  4. Establish a plan to promote the Movement in the Diocese.

  5. Be responsible for picking up the mail weekly. The mail will be opened and distributed within three (3) days of receipt.

  6. Review Candidate applications for completeness. (E.g. denomination, sponsor, birth date, parish, etc.) Contact the sponsor if there are any questions regarding the application.

  7. Notify candidate of receipt of application.

  8. Maintain a file of all original candidate applications and update this file after each Three-Day Weekend.

    1. Annotate on candidate applications the date of postmark and the amount of the deposit. The candidate’s name will be annotated on the check.

    2. Send a copy of all approved applications to the Rector/a as they are received.

    3. Maintain a current and accurate list of applicants with complete name, address, phone number, parish, e-mail address, and sponsor’s name, address phone number.

    4. Remove candidate’s Application for Cursillo from the active list after three years (six Cursillo weekends) of non-attendance.

    5. Candidates’ applications will be retained for 3 years for those who have not attended a weekend;

  9. Receive notification of names of candidates from the Rector/a who did not attend the past weekend and contact the sponsor to determine their attendance on the next weekend. Forward applications to the Rector/a for the next weekend for those who express a desire to make the next Cursillo weekend.

  10. Work applications are to be forwarded to next Rector/a forming a team.

  11. Log the receipt of the money (cash or check)in a check/cash register. This register will have the following as a minimum: the date of receipt, the name of the payer, the number of the check (a notation if cash), the amount received, and the purpose for the money. The Treasurer will sign this check/cash register upon transfer of the money from the Pre-Cursillo Chair after verifying the accuracy of the amount transferred.

  12. Make two copies of each candidate application. Forward one copy to the Rector/a within three (3) days and the other to the person making permanent name tags.

  13. Maintain ongoing contact with the Rector/a.

  14. Serve as the Community contact to answer questions about candidates’ applications.

  15. Work with the Parish Rep in the event a potential candidate needs a sponsor for Cursillo.

  16. Work with the other Secretariat positions to ensure the success of the weekend and the Movement.

  17. Provide articles for the Cursillo Update as needed.

  18. Attend and participate in all Secretariat meetings and activities which includes:

    1. Thursday night registration for weekends

    2. Weekend Clausura and potlucks

    3. Commissioning of Teams at their Day of Away

    4. Ultreyas

    5. School of Leaders

    6. Other Secretariat activities