1.  Provide Liaison with the Office of the Bishop.
2.  Review the National Guidelines for the Spiritual Advisor as described in the Leaders’ Manual.
3.  Participate in Regional and National Cursillo activities as an authorized representative for the English-speaking Secretariat of the Diocese of
San Jose Cursillo Movement.
4.  Oversee spiritual needs of the Secretariat.
5.  Provide spiritual and sacramental support to Cursillistas when needed.
6.  Assist to acquire other priests, vowed religious, and deacons to assist with Doctrinal talks at:

a.       The School of Leaders
b.       Cursillo Weekends
c.        Ultreyas

7.   Assist Secretariat members in spiritual activities.
8.   Lead prayers at Secretariat meetings and Ceremonies, as requested
9.   For  Cursillo weekends

a.       Brief the Spiritual Advisor for the Cursillo Weekends on their duties and support them as needed.
b.       Participate in Reconciliation services as needed.

10.  Work with other Secretariat positions to ensure the success of the weekend and the Movement.
11.   Attend and participate in all Secretariat meetings and activities of the Movement which includes:

a.       Thursday night registration for weekends
b.       Weekend clausura and potlucks
c.       Commissioning of Teams at their Day of Away
d.       Ultreyas
e.       School of Leaders
f.       Other Secretariat activities