Prayer Is Power

God promises us in His Word that He hears every word that we pray to Him. Like a good parent, He is waiting, ready, and willing to listen to our worries, concerns, and needs. Whether we are seeking forgiveness, strength, or healing, prayer provides the channel to communicate with God and receive supernatural strength and power.

Christ has no hands, he has only our hands to change the world today. Christ has no feet, he has only our feet to lead this world to himself. Christ has no lips, he has only our lips to speak”.  We often keep these words in mind as we live our Cursillo journey through our encounters with self, Christ, and others. These words encompass the purpose of Cursillo, which is simply to try to have the Good News of the Gospel reach as many people as possible.

Cursillo Prayer

Lord, help us to use our time, Our talents, our lives for the – Building of Your Kingdom.  Instill courage into our – Initiatives, good judgment, in our – Choice of the proper means, and – That determination, which assures – Success even in times – Of seeming failures

Move us above all discourtesy – Sensitivities and rivalries, which – Not only discourage and divide us, – But lead us away from loving You – And each other.  Help each one strive – For the gift of Your unselfish love – That will encourage us to prefer – The more humble tasks – And rejoice in the good done by others.

Lord, let all see Your attractive goodness  – Marked on all our faces – Your warm accents in all our  – Works and in our community – A unity and a holiness
That proclaims YourLiving presence in our midst.


Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patron of the Americas, Pray for us.
St. Paul, Patron of the Cursillo, Pray for us.

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