1. Review National Guidelines for the Post-Cursillo Chair as described in the Leaders’ Manual.
2. Meet with the Rector/a and core team before the Total Security Rollista is assigned to instill the importance and direction of this talk. After team assignments meet with the team member who will be giving the Total Security Rollo on the weekend to insure certain guidelines are met.
3. Fourth Day

a. Assist Cursillistas in finding a Fourth Day Group
b. Maintain and publish active Fourth Day Groups Lists

4. Ultreyas:

a. Coordinate and schedule with Parish Representatives
b. Perform the duty of Master of Ceremonies (MC)
c. Develop and /or coordinate an agenda
d. Coordinate with Host Rector/a.

i. Opening prayer and meditation
ii. Witness talks (preferably 2)
iii. Music

e. Coordinate to obtain guest speakers, when scheduled.
f. Provide a Fourth Day Table at Ultreyas, maintaining a sufficient supply of documents. Eg. “Consider Cursillo” brochure REVISED SPRING OF 2010Approved June 16, 2010, Service Sheet (PSA /Ultreya formats), List of Fourth Days (men or women’s weekend), History of Cursillo, Sponsors Guidelines, Ultreya Schedule and Instructions on the Website/Database to:(1) Update their personal file, (2) Submit an Application to work Cursillo, (3) Submit an Application to Attend Cursillo, (4) To access other information on the website.

5. Fourth Day Packet

a. Maintain sufficient supplies of documents, etc. that go into the Fourth Day Packets for the Cursillo weekends.
b. Assemble Fourth Day Packets for new Cursillista’s deliver them to the Rector/a for the weekend.

  • Team Roster (inserted by the Team) *
  • Candidate Roster (inserted by the Team) *
  • Weekend Picture (inserted by the Team) *
  • Team and Candidates labels (attached by the Team)
  • “Consider Cursillo” brochure (Revised Spring of 2010 Approved June 16, 2010)
  • Service Sheet (PSA /Ultreya formats)
  • List of Fourth Days (men or women’s weekend)
  • History of Cursillo
  • Ultreya Schedule
  • Instructions on how to get into the Website/Database to:

a. Update their personal file
b. Submit an Application to work Cursillo,
c. Submit an Application to Attend Cursillo,
d. Sponsors Guidelines
e. To access other information on the website.

*Team envelopes

6. Maintain communication with other cultural groups to organize Grand Ultreya’s in the Diocese.
7. Work with the other Secretariat positions to ensure the success of the weekend and the Movement.
8. Provide articles for the Cursillo Update, as needed.
9. Assist and update as required, the Rector/a Manual
10. Attend and participate in all Secretariat meetings and activities which includes:

a. Thursday night registration for weekends
b. Weekend clausura and potlucks
c. Commissioning of Teams at their Day of Away
d. Ultreyas
e. School of Leaders
f. Other Secretariat activities


Maintain and assist in a Parish Representative Program within the San Jose Diocese English Cursillo. The goal is to have at least one contact person for each parish in the Diocese, if applicable.