Parish Representatives

The goal of the San Jose English Cursillo Movement’s is to have at least one representative in each parish of the Diocese of San Jose. The role of the parish representative is to be a conduit between the San Jose English Cursillo Movement and their parish and from their parish back to the San Jose English Cursillo Movement.

The responsibility of the parish representative is to provide information on Cursillo Weekends and upcoming events, assist in providing information on Fourth Day groups, and to help with Cursillo activities within their Parish.

This is a very important aspect of the San Jose Cursillo Movement. If there are any questions or if anyone is willing to help, please contact the Secretariat.

The following are the San Jose English Cursillo Parish Representatives organized by Diocese of San Jose Deaneries:

Deanery City Code Parish Representative
2 (Northwest) Los Altos NIC St. Nicholas and St. William Catholic Parish George Maciag
2 (Northwest) Los Altos SWM St. Nicholas and St. William Catholic Parish Dick Guertin, Bill & Karen Daley
2 (Northwest) Los Altos SIM St. Simon  
2 (Northwest) Mountain View ATH St. Athanasius Leticia Roddy / Anni Cuny
2 (Northwest) Mountain View SJM St. Joseph  
2 (Northwest) Palo Alto STA St. Thomas Aquinas  
2 (Northwest) Stanford DOM St. Dominic  
3 (Central) Downtown San Jose CAT Cathedral-Basilica of St. Joseph  
3 (Central) San Jose LEO St. Leo the Great Bob Malone
Barbara & Tom Bettencourt
3 (Central) Santa Clara CCC Chinese Catholic Community  
3 (Central) Santa Clara ??? Our Mother of Perpetual Help  
3 (Central) Santa Clara SCL St. Clare  
3 (Central) Santa Clara JUS St. Justin Libbie Gulick
Julie DeFayette
3 (Central) Santa Clara LWR St. Lawrence the Martyr Fred Clegg
3 (Central) Sunnyvale RES Church of the Resurrection Mike & Cynthia Kurtz
3 (Central) Sunnyvale CYP St. Cyprian Brian & Lisa Wolk
3 (Central) Sunnyvale SMS St. Martin  
3 (Central) Sunnyvale KCM Holy Korean Martyrs  
4 (Northeast) Alviso SOS Our Lady Star of the Sea  
4 (Northeast) Milpitas ELZ St. Elizabeth Ray and Kathy Serena
4 (Northeast) Milpitas JBP St. John the Baptist Ed & Liza Sacramento
4 (Northeast) San Jose VIC St. Victor  
4 (Northeast) Santa Clara OLP Our Lady of Peace  
5 (Southwest) Campbell LUC St. Lucy Jeff Lola
Jim Ortbal
5 (Southwest) Cupertino SJC St. Joseph of Cupertino Scott Wendler
5 (Southwest) Los Gatos SML St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Dorothy & Pat Smith
Tony & Joan Zadel
5 (Southwest) San Jose QOA Queen of Apostles Doug & Mary Ellen Bray
5 (Southwest) San Jose SFC St. Frances Cabrini Mary Avila
Andrea McPeak
5 (Southwest) San Jose SMT St. Martin of Tours Roberta Williams, Jeff Lola, Bob & Margo Voisinet
5 (Southwest) San Jose STC St. Thomas of Canterbury Bill Wright
5 (Southwest) Saratoga ASC Church of the Ascension Harry Stice
5 (Southwest) Saratoga SHS Sacred Heart Connie Hodgin
6 (East) San Jose CTK Christ the King Carol Ellenberger
6 (East) San Jose FWD Five Wounds Portuguese National Church  
6 (East) San Jose HCR Holy Cross  
6 (East) San Jose MHT Most Holy Trinity John & Anna DiPalermo
6 (East) San Jose OLG Our Lady of Guadalupe Celia Vasquez & Laura
Austin Garcia
6 (East) San Jose ??? St. Brother Albert Chmielowski  
6 (East) San Jose SFA St. Francis of Assisi  
6 (East) San Jose SJV St. John Vianney  
6 (East) San Jose MGO St. Maria Goretti Sarah Pham & Robert Nguyen
6 (East) San Jose PAT St. Patrick Proto-Cathedral Mary Grimm
6 (East) San Jose   Our Lady of Refuge  
6 (East) San Jose QOM Our Lady Queen of Martyrs  
7 (South) Gilroy SML St. Mary Cindy Smith
7 (South) Morgan Hill CTH St. Catherine of Alexandria Margaret & Mike Kakalek
Andy & Betty Anderson
7 (South) San Jose TRN Church of the Transfiguration  
7 (South) San Jose HFM Holy Family David Troutman
7 (South) San Jose HSP Holy Spirit Georgianne Carls
7 (South) San Jose SHJ Sacred Heart of Jesus  
7 (South) San Jose ANT St. Anthony  
7 (South) San Jose CHR St. Christopher Dick & Nan Bartholomew
Tim & Nancy Melander
7 (South) San Jose JUL St. Julie Billiart Doug & Becki Arant
7 (South) San Jose STR Santa Teresa Ed Wendler
7 (South) San Jose ASU St. Mary of the Assumption  
Outside Los Gatos CCH Christ Child Dave & Jeanette Roberts