Say to the LORD, “My refuge and fortress,
my God in whom I trust.”

– Psalm 91: 2

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ …

We have some exciting content for you below.

First, we will hold an In-Person Ultreya on Wednesday, July 21, at 6:30PM.  We are extremely excited to see all of you!  The Ultreya will be a celebration of music and community.  We need help from our talented musicians and if you can assist, would you please contact our Post-Cursillo Co-Chairs Stephanie Flemming and Susan Porria?  Details are below.

Sheri Burns completed her 3-year term as Assistant Spiritual Advisor on June 30.  She served and led with wisdom, teamwork, and kindness.  She was instrumental in helping us navigate the COVID-19 pandemic with knowledge and aplomb.  I want to publicly acknowledge and thank Sheri for her service to our Movement.  We the Secretariat appreciate her piety and service. We know she’s not going far!

[Meanwhile, we continue to discern for our Three-Day Cursillo Chair.  We also will have the roles of Secretary and Assistant Spiritual Advisor opening on July 1.  We ask that you Pray, Invite, and Nominate fellow Cursillistas who you believe could serve on the Secretariat.  Please see below.]

And lastly, Ed Wendler wrote a short-witness reflection of his Cursillo Journey.  As many of you may know, Ed made his Cursillo in Fall 1987 and has been very active.  I trust you will enjoy his story below.

The Secretariat and I are looking forward to our first Ultreya since the start of the Pandemic and we hope to see you all on July 21.

May you each continue to remember “my God in whom I trust.”  I keep you in prayer.

De Colores,


Also, here is the link to Fr Chris Bennett’s Spiritual Care Packages and Prayers.
And here is the link to our Group Reunions/4th Day Groups.

In this newsletter …

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  • A Cursillo Journey, written by Ed Wendler
  • Secretariat – Pray, Invite, Nominate
  • 31st National Cursillo® Encounter
  • Prayer Requests
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  • Stay Connected & Posting Guidelines

Upcoming Events

July 2021 In-Person Ultreya
Wednesday, July 21, 2021  |  6:30PM – 8:15 PM
Holy Family Parish
4848 Pearl Ave, San Jose, CA 95136
Stephanie Flemming and Susan Porria are the new Post Cursillo Co-Chairs and are excited to invite you all to our first In-Person Ultreya in over a year! We would like to celebrate and worship together in a way that really has not been done before and we need you all to do that! We invite you to bring a blanket or lawn chair, your own picnic feast and be ready to celebrate together through music, prayer and community.

Our July Ultreya is happening on Wednesday, July 21st, 6:30pm in Murphy’s Meadow at Holy Family Church. We are encouraging everyone to be considerate of others by wearing masks, if you wish, and continuing to practice social distancing. Please feel free to celebrate with whomever you would like within your comfort zone.

Our evening will consist of both opening and closing prayers, a music inspired meditation (without sharing), and something we have all dearly missed, music and singing! So, bring your voices, your smiles and prepare to have a night of celebration.

If you can, please RSVP with Facebook.

A Cursillo Journey

Written by Ed Wendler

In 1987 I began my Cursillo journey. When I look back on my life before and after that weekend retreat I can see many differences. Before that weekend I was a practicing Catholic and a decent person but my faith life was pretty private and somewhat passive in terms of action.

However, after the weekend my life changed. I no longer viewed my faith as a very private thing not to be openly talked about but I saw it as a belief that could be shared and used to promote Christian action and charitable works.

Through Cursillo I have met so many wonderful people who have become a part of my life and some that even though they have passed on, their memories still touch my life. They inspired me then and continue to inspire me now, in so many ways.

When I see the effect Cursillo has had on my family it humbles me. To realize how wonderful our God is and how much He loves each of us. To watch my children become part of Cursillo was so wonderful and then to actually serve on weekends with my son…leaves me speechless.

Serving on Cursillo weekends has been an “E-ticket ride” (please forgive the Disneyland reference) each and every time. The team building, masses, meditations, rollos, music, food and friendship seemed overwhelming at times. And yet each weekend was the best one ever.

The friendships and love of our 4th day stays with Jane and I each week. The sharing and support we give and receive is priceless and becomes such an important part of our everyday life that I can’t imagine ever going forward without it.

Perhaps you can also recall many of these same experiences. So, I am writing this today out of concern for our Cursillo future. I believe we must continue to provide this wonderful ministry to others. However we, as a community, are experiencing several unfilled vacancies on the Secretariat and we must pull together to fill these or our beloved Cursillo movement will falter.

Over the years I have served in different capacities on the Secretariat and would again if I had to but I believe what is needed is for some folks, younger than me, which is actually most of you reading this, to come forward and serve. You might think, “I’m not qualified” but as the old saying goes, “God does not call the qualified, God qualifies the called.”

So please consider serving in some capacity for one term. You are truly needed. If you’re not sure or have questions, contact me and we can talk. If I can’t answer your questions I will help you get answers. [Note: contact Larry Cargnoni and he guarantees he will connect you and me]

Love and peace,

Ed Wendler

I’d like to close with one of my favorite prayers.
St Teresa”s Prayer
May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content knowing you are a child of God. Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us. Amen


Secretariat – Pray, Invite, Nominate

The Secretariat urgently ask the community to please discern for candidates to serve in the following open positions:

  • Three Day Chair
  • Men’s Discernment Coordinator
  • Assistant Spiritual Director
  • Secretary
  • Website & Communications

We want to hear from you on who could serve: Pray. Invite. Nominate. Please read on.

Without these open positions being filled, we will not be able to host any Cursillo weekends.

We serve you, the community.  Our movement requires your voice, your leadership, your stewardship.  The movement will wither unless we secure your help.

These positions are essential to our Cursillo movement where each person would need to be acclimated, trained, and prepared for their roles and responsibilities. Serving on the Secretariat is a commitment of three years and we are open to having two individuals may serve together as co-chairs.

Proverbs 16:9 says that the “the human heart plans the way but the Lord directs their steps.” Given this, we ask the entire community to please do the following three simple steps.


  • Luke 18:1: “[Jesus] told them a parable about the necessity for them to pray always without becoming weary.”
  • During this surreal time, we ask the community to not give up and pray for our Cursillo movement and for candidates to fill these positions.


  • 1 Thessalonians 5:11: “Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, as indeed you do.”
  • As you pray, if a name or a couple of names within our community are revealed to you, we ask that you please invite them to discern for these open positions.


  • Matthew 18:19-20: “Amen, I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”
  • If you have a name that you like to nominate or if you feel uncomfortable inviting the person, please share the name to our Secretariat on our nomination page: If we see a name that appears multiple times, we truly believe the Holy Spirit at work and calling the person to service.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me or other Secretariat members on our Secretariat page: Please also take the time to nominate someone:

The above roles are documented at this link:

31st National Cursillo® Encounter

The 31st National Cursillo® Encounter will be held on July 23 – 24, 2021 and will be virtual.  There is $50 registration fee and the final schedule is being developed.  Registration will close Monday, July 19.

Please see this link for further details:

Prayer Requests

Please also pray for those fighting with illness, Covid-19, mental distress, loss of job and the passing of loved ones.

You may also submit prayer requests on our Facebook page or on our website.

Cursillo Links & Resources

Our Cursillo Movement in San Jose is part of a rich and international fabric of Cursillo movements world wide. Below are links to several Cursillo websites that you might find interesting.

Here is the link to Fr Chris Bennett’s Spiritual Care Packages and Prayers.
Here is the link to our Group Reunions/4th Day Groups.

You’ll find books and manuals for purchase the National Cursillo Movement and the Eduardo Bonnin Aguilo Foundation websites below.

Additionally, you may find two Cursillo Foundational and History rollos here:

  • Foundational Charism
  • Life of the Founder and History of Cursillo

The NACG Cursillo North America and Caribbean organization holds weekly Ultreya on Wednesday evening at 6PM Pacific. A truly international flavor! See its website and/or Facebook page for more information.

Stay Connected & Posting Guidelines

If you are on Facebook, please join our private Facebook group to connect with our community and stay current with our events. Contact John Huân Vu if you have any issues.

Stay up-to-date with our events by integrating the San Jose Cursillo event calendar to your personal calendar via Google Calendar or iCal.

As a reminder, here are the guidelines for posting material to the Cursillo Facebook page and Newsletter: Posting Guidelines – Nov 1, 2019