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Cursillo Database

The Cursillo Database

There is a database of contact information for the San Jose Cursillo Movement members available through this website but unfortunately, we need to keep the database password protected to prevent abuse such as spam (commercial email offers), telemarketing, identity theft and other nefarious uses of personal information. With an increased exposure to identity theft, the Secretariat has decided to limit access to the Cursillo database. Currently access is available to Secretariat board members and current Rectors and Rectoras. Current members of the community can see, and if appropriate, update their own database record.

To access the database, go to: Cursillo Database.

When updating your records, please do not combine your information with your spouse’s. The Discernment Committee uses this information to determine who is eligible to discern to be Rector and Rectora. If you combine your data there is no way they can tell who did what or when. Thank you.

If you have questions about the database, please contact the Database Admin.