To sing is to pray twice!

The Cursillo Secretariat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose invites the community to share their voices for “Joy to the World.”

Whether or not you have a great singing voice, we should join our voices to celebrate Advent as we prepare the way of the Lord.

All you will need is a working microphone and camera.

We will be using Easy Virtual Choir which will will allow you to record yourself as many times as you like at your own pace and at any time (even at 3:00AM).

If you and your family would like to be part of the choir, please submit your video online by Sunday, December 20th, 2020. After this date, there are no guarantees that your video will appear in the official video to the wider Cursillo community.

This will give John Huân Vu a couple of days to ensure your singing parts are aligned before we share it to the wider community.


    1. Go to
    2. Press the blue “Google Sign In” or green “Get Started”
      1. If you already have a Gmail account, please choose the appropriate account. Otherwise, create an account using your current email address or create a Gmail account.
    3. Once logged in, go to
      1. You will see other submitted recordings from the community!
    4. Press the blue “Add Track” button on the top right
      1. If prompted, please allow access to your microphone and camera
      2. If you see yourself, that means your camera is working!
      3. Press the gray “Recording Settings” to check your microphone and camera
    5. Once you are ready for to sing, click on the green “Start Recording” button
      1. Recording will start immediately so there will be some silence before the song
      2. Wave to the camera after the song ends and until you see the title screen again
    6. To re-record, press the red “Discard and Try Again” button
    7. If you are happy with the recording, press the green “Add to Song” and allow time to upload
    8. You’re done!
      1. Go to and press the play icon to play the videos
      2. If you don’t sound aligned to the music, John Huân Vu will take care of it before we share it
      3. To listen to everyone singing, click on green “Load All Tracks”
      4. To remove your video, toggle “Edit Mode” and click on the x icon on your video
      5. To reduce the volume of your video, toggle “Edit Mode” and change the volume
      6. To add your video, press the blue “Add Track” button and repeat the steps

Please contact John Huân Vu if you have any issues with the instructions.

P.S. If this works well, can you imagine us doing a recording for De Colores?!