My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

May the spoken words of my mouth, the thoughts of my heart, win favor in your sight, O Lord” Psalm 19:15

I read that passage in the Magnificat on August 25 and I stopped cold.  How many different colorful and non-colorful words did I speak and think since the start of the recent fires?  I’m fairly certain that many were NOT favorable in God’s sight.  Perhaps some of you had similar experiences.

My only salvation is that we have a merciful and understanding God.  We are taught to talk to God as a person and to share our thoughts. God heard my words and prayers of anger, disbelief, anxiety, hopelessness, and fear.  God also heard my words and prayers of thanksgiving, hope, awe and apology.  It’s easy to say “Thy will be done”.  It’s a lot tougher to believe it and surrender to it.

It’s hard for me to find God in times of disaster, but God was and is there. The hands and feet of Christ are visible throughout our region and that brings me peace.  God is working through thousands of firefighters, law enforcement, volunteers, and social services and government agencies, all serving and working to protect our community.  I see God working through neighbors, who are risking their lives and helping neighbors.  I see God working through you.

Many of you and/or your family members are serving our community during these difficult times – many are are essential workers; thank you. Thank you too to all our educators and parents/caregivers who’ve recently started classes again.  You are blessings to all of us.  We keep you in our prayers.

I ask that each of you continue to keep checking on each other, please. With poor air quality some folks are unable to shop or get out of the house.  If you’ve not done so, might you consider reaching out to your neighbors and friends and inquire if they need some help?

The Secretariat truly wishes that all of your families, your loved ones, and you are safe.  If anyone needs any help or assistance, please contact us and we’ll determine how we can help.

We decided to cancel the School of Leaders for August 26.  Life and current events got in the way of our preparation.  Instead of rushing, we focus on our families and reconvene on September 23.  The placeholder is below.

We continue to discern for our Three-Day Chair.  Won’t you please prayerfully consider serving our Community?  Please see below.

And finally, we’ve had some email exchanges with the Sisters at Saint Clare.  Please see below.

Please be safe and please continue being that Light of Christ to all you meet.  You never know who you will bring to Christ.

You are in my daily prayers.
Sincerely and De Colores,

Larry Cargnoni

P.S. For your convenience, the list of Group Reunions (4th Day Groups) can be found now at this link:

Upcoming Events

Canceled: School of Leaders – Service Team, Posters, Friday Night Liturgy
Wednesday August 26, 2020
6:45PM – 8:30PM
School of Leaders – Continuous Prayer, Friday Night Liturgy
Wednesday September 23, 2020
6:45PM – 8:30PM

School of Leaders will gather and continue the structure and activities for Friday, the Day of Faith.

  • Doctrinal Talk: Role of Continual Prayer
  • Technique Talk: Healing and Reconciliation Liturgy

School of Leaders is open to everyone, including new Cursillistas and the current Spring 2021 Men’s and Women’s Teams.

  • 6:45PM – 7:00PM: Login, Technical Support, Socialize
  • 7:00PM – 8:30PM: School of Leaders Presentation

Zoom Link:

If you can, please RSVP on Facebook.

Updated – St. Christopher’s Parish Prayers at Home

Fr. Chris Bennett and his parish provided us a new set of prayers for when we can’t gather for mass (Ordinary Time). The sets of prayers are found on the Secretariat Google Drive found here: Fr Chris Bennett’s Care Packages and Prayers.

Please share this message to other Cursillistas who might be interested.

St Clare Retreat House Update

Last week, the Sisters prepared for possible evacuation due to the CZU Lightning Complex Fire.  Fortunately, the Sister have not needed to evacuate.

Below is their email text update received the evening of August 25:
        We are still in place here at St. Clare’s.
God has been kind and kept the winds low at between 5 mph and 10 mph.
The evacuation zone is up to Hwy 17. If the fire were to hop Hwy 17,
we would leave immediately and not wait for an evacuation order.
Thank you for asking and for all your prayers!
We miss you all!
Sister Christine Marie

To repeat an item from the August 14 Newsletter:

We are in contact with the Sisters at Saint Clare. The Sisters have a set of renovations in progress (the roof and kitchen) and the elevator is being installed in St Agnes Hall.  They are creating a new website. The Sisters and a few us are meeting to better understand their short and long term needs.  It is safe to say that the Sisters would appreciate your prayers and any monetary support that you might be willing to provide:

Cursillo Links and Resources

Our Cursillo Movement in San Jose is part of a rich and international fabric of Cursillo movements world wide. Below are links to several Cursillo websites that you might find interesting.

You’ll find books and manuals for purchase the National Cursillo Movement and the Eduardo Bonnin Aguilo Foundation websites below.

The NACG Cursillo North America and Caribbean organization holds weekly Ultreya on Wednesday evening at 6PM Pacific. A truly international flavor! See its Facebook page for more information.
San Jose Filipino Cursillo Movement

San Jose Vietnamese Cursillo Movement

San Jose Korean Cursillo Movement

San Jose Spanish-speaking Cursillo Movement
(Note: we can’t locate a website for the San Jose Spanish-speaking Cursillo Movement.  Please contact us if you have information)

National Cursillo Movement USA
NACG Cursillo North America and Caribbean
World Body of Cursillos in Christianity
Eduardo Bonnín Aguiló Foundation

Secretariat Update

As noted above, we started our discernment for our Three-Day Chair. We are asking the community to prayerfully discern those who are willing to serve. Serving on the Secretariat is a commitment of three years.

Please reach out to Larry Cargnoni for more information if you are interested. You can contact us and find a summary of the role at

Posting Guidelines

As a reminder, here are the guidelines for posting material to the Cursillo Facebook page and Newsletter.

2021 Spring Weekend Dates

All weekends will be held at Saint Clare’s Retreat Center. We also posted on our website the upcoming weekends, so please save the date.
Men’s Weekend
April 15-18, 2021
Women’s Weekend
April 29- May 02, 2021

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