My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

In our last newsletter, members of the Secretariat asked for prayer and your discernment to serve our Cursillo movement.  Several Cursillistas have heard the call of the Holy Spirit and have contacted us.  The original article along with a position by position update is below. Thank you to our brothers and sisters who have reached out.  We ask for your continued prayer and discernment to serve, as we have critical roles to fill.

We’ve have not decided if we will hold our Fall 2021 weekends.  As a community, we are grateful that vaccinations are on the rise and we are hopeful for a timely end to this pandemic.  The Secretariat will start internal discussions in May.

We Christians journey together.  We know that people want to gather.  We the Secretariat understand.  We desire a safe, healthy, and faith-filled weekend for team, candidates, the Sisters, and Community. We will make the decision taking into account regulations and guidelines from the Counties of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, the State of California, the Dioceses of San Jose and Monterey, and the the Sisters of Saint Clare.  Prayer and discernment will be required.

Some coming events:

  • School of Leaders is today Wednesday, April 28 at 7PM.  Details are below.
  • Our newest Co-Ed Group Reunion / 4th Day continues to meet on Saturday mornings.  Details are below.  The group would love to have others join and share your closest moments to Christ this Saturday, May 1 at 8AM.
  • Lastly, our Region XI Service Team is holding a Virtual Encounter on May 8.  All are welcome. It’s free. Details are below.

On behalf of the Secretariat, we wish you a blessed Easter Season.  Please be that light of Christ for family, friends, and strangers alike.

I keep you in prayer

De Colores,


Upcoming Events

April 2021 School of Leaders
Wednesday, April 28, 2021  |  6:45PM – 8:30 PM
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The entire Cursillo Community is invited and encouraged to attend our School of Leaders for an evening to gather and strengthen our faith journey. We will begin with social time at 6:45 and start the discussion promptly at 7PM. (Note, this Zoom session will have a waiting room and you will be admitted by the host).

The Doctrinal Talk will be an overview of the Sunday morning meditation of Christ’s message to the Cursillista. The Technique Talks will be an overview of Mañanitas and the Study of the Environment rollo.

If you are a new Cursillista, this is a great opportunity to learn more. If you are on a formation team, this is a great way to strengthen your overall knowledge of the process. If you are a seasoned veteran or have not been on a team for a while, come and refresh your hearts!

If you can, please RSVP with Facebook.

Saturday Co-Ed Group Reunions (4th Days)
May 1, 2021  |  8:00AM
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Many people in our community would like to be part of a Group Reunion (4th Day) Group. However, during these days of minimal contact, it might be difficult. This is an opportunity to meet and to share online until we can meet in person. Open to all men and women here in San Jose or joining long distance.

On Saturday mornings, there is an open meeting to share Piety, Study and Action (PSA) for the week. The meeting will open with sharing guidelines, a brief verse or antiphon to help to center ourselves, followed by the Holy Spirit prayer and then on to sharing. The meeting will end when everyone has had a chance to share their PSA. Final closing will be a traditional prayer.

This is an open meeting. Attending every week is not mandatory but please join when you can and feel free to reach out to other Cursillistas.

Region XI Virtual Encounter
May 8, 2021  |  9:00AM – 1:00PM
The Region XI Service Team  invites the community to join their fellow Cursillistas from around California,  Nevada and Hawaii for its May 2021 Virtual Encounter on Saturday, May 08, 2021.  All Cursillistas are invited.  There is no cost.

The preliminary program includes:


There is no registration link. Cursillistas who would like to attend send their name, diocese, and language group to Heidi Shelton at Heidi is a member of the Region XI Service Team. She will acknowledge your registration.

May 2021 Virtual Ultreya
May 20, 2021  |  6:45PM – 8:30PM
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The Secretariat invites the community to join their fellow Cursillistas for our May 2021 Virtual Ultreya on Thursday, May 20, 2021.

We will be celebrating an evening of fellowship and music as we walk together in Christ.
We will begin some social time at 6:45PM to 7:00PM followed by prayer, meditation, sharing in small groups, witness or keynote speakers. We will offer our individual petitions followed by a rousing ‘De Colores’.

If you can, please RSVP with Facebook.

Prayer Requests

Please also pray for those fighting with illness, Covid-19, mental distress, loss of job and the passing of loved ones.

You may also submit prayer requests on our Facebook page or on our website.

Secretariat – Call to Prayer, Call to Serve
Reprinted From April 18, 2021 – with an an update on response

As more of our brothers and sisters are getting vaccinated and with our churches and county slowly reopening, we are actively reassessing when to have our Cursillo weekends and in-person events again.

For the past nine months, we have had at least one open position on our Secretariat.  Unfortunately, we have yet to find a candidate willing to serve. These positions are extremely essential to our Cursillo movement where each person would need to be acclimated, trained, and prepared for their roles and responsibilities.

After asking the community to prayerfully discern those who are willing to serve, we now have four openings that are critical to our Cursillo movement:

  • Three Day Chair (no one yet has expressed interest)
  • Post Cursillo Chair (we have several bonafide candidates)
  • Men’s Discernment Coordinator (we received several “maybe”s)
  • Women’s Discernment Coordinator (we have several bonafide candidates)

Moreover, we will have two more openings this upcoming summer:

  • Assistant Spiritual Director (we have one person who might be interested)
  • Secretary (no one yet has expressed interest)

Without these open positions being filled, we will not be able to host any Cursillo weekends nor any additional Ultreyas (after May’s).

As you may be aware, the Secretariat has been very busy by reviewing all aspects of our weekend and traditions while hosting events virtually to allow the community to come together. For example, our virtual Ultreyas, helping members find 4thdays, and continual coordination with the sisters of Saint Clare’s to take care of our trailer and prepare for the weekend were only possible thanks to Secretariat members going above and beyond their roles and responsibilities. Nevertheless, this is unsustainable since our Secretariat has been stretched thin and therefore needs your help to fill these positions.

Given this, we ask all community members to please pray and carefully discern for these open positions. Serving on the Secretariat is a commitment of three years and we are open to having two individuals willing to serve together as co-chairs.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. The entire Secretariat is open and supportive on your discernment. You can contact us and find a summary of the role at

Cursillo Links and Resources

Our Cursillo Movement in San Jose is part of a rich and international fabric of Cursillo movements world wide. Below are links to several Cursillo websites that you might find interesting.

You’ll find books and manuals for purchase the National Cursillo Movement and the Eduardo Bonnin Aguilo Foundation websites below.

The NACG Cursillo North America and Caribbean organization holds weekly Ultreya on Wednesday evening at 6PM Pacific. A truly international flavor! See its website and/or Facebook page for more information.

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As a reminder, here are the guidelines for posting material to the Cursillo Facebook page and Newsletter: Posting Guidelines – Nov 1, 2019

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