My Dear Sister and Brother Cursillistas …

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.” Ephesians 2:8

I have several important updates on the Secretariat below.

As noted in a prior newsletter, Mike O’Connell’s term as Treasurer ended on June 30. Mike agreed to stay on, however, until we discerned a new Treasurer.

I’m excited to announce that Paul Milioto has discerned and accepted to be our new Treasurer, effective August 1.  Paul is a member of Holy Spirit Parish.  Paul has served on several teams and also as a Rector. Paul brings his enthusiasm, initiative, teamwork, and desire to serve to the Secretariat.  He is active in his Group Reunion (Fourth Day).  We are excited for Paul to join us and serve you, the community.

I give thanks to Mike O’Connell for his service to our Secretariat.  Mike has been a consistent and steady voice on the Secretariat. His attention to detail and compliance along with his experience was much appreciated.  He improved the Movement’s monthly reporting, worked with John Huan Vu to rollout the online payments, and ensured we were compliance with the Diocese of San Jose.  You may know that Mike is also serves on Kairos teams and the Tijuana Ministry Core Team, and is a leader in the Church of the Resurrection Parish. We are blessed that Mike served our Movement.

Mickey Salem and Sandy Tinapay discerned to step away from their role as Co-Three Day Chair effective immediately.  I greatly appreciate their organization, training the teams, working with the Sisters (they will miss you), helping the Head Cooks and Community Liaisons, buying supplies, organizing/unloading/loading the trailer, and making sure Saint Clare is in tip-top condition before leaving the facility at the end of the weekend.  It’s a lot of work and both did it with love, patience, and grace.  They were active stewards of our Movement.  I thank them for their service.

Given this, we are seeking a Three-Day Chair and you may serve as a pair if you like.  Please contact me if you would like more information on serving as our Three-Day Chair.

On Wednesday, July 15, 2020, we will have an Online Healing Mass at 7PM with Father Chris Bennett.  Please see the details below.

There is also time to register for the National Cursillo Encounter 2020. It is open to all Cursillistas. Please see details below.

As always, please be safe. Let us know how we might serve you.  Please continue being that Light of Christ for someone else.  Walk and talk your faith and use those gifts that God gave to each of you.  We bring others to Christ by our actions and deeds. Let others see Jesus in you.
You are in my daily prayers.

Sincerely and De Colores,
Larry Cargnoni

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  • Upcoming Events
  • Updated – St. Christopher’s Parish Prayers at Home
  • National Cursillo Encounter 2020
  • Catholic Charities: COVID Recovery Ministry
  • Secretariat Update
  • 2021 Spring Weekend Dates
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Upcoming Events

Please consider attending these upcoming events as an opportunity to grow in your faith and build community with others.

Given that many people in our community may not be subscribed to the Newsletter (or Facebook), please share this message with other Cursillistas who might be interested.

Online Healing Mass with Father Chris Bennett 
Wednesday, July 15, 2020
6:45PM – 8:30PM

Zoom Link:

Father Chris Bennett will lead us in Mass. Details are pending but please hold the date and time.

  • 6:45PM – 7:00PM: Login, technical support, socialize
  • 7:00PM – 8:30PM: Mass

If possible, please RSVP Through Facebook.


School of Leaders: The Ice Breaker, Lay Person in The Church and Palanca 
Wednesday, July 22, 2020
6:45PM – 8:00PM

Zoom Link:
School of Leaders will gather and discuss the The Ice Breaker, Lay Person in The Church and Palanca as candidates journey through Friday, the Day of Faith.

School of leaders is open to everyone, including new Cursillistas and the current Spring 2021 Men’s and Women’s Teams.

  • 6:45PM – 7:00PM: Login, technical support, socialize
  • 7:00PM – 8:30PM: School of Leaders

If possible, RSVP Through Facebook

Updated – St. Christopher’s Parish Prayers at Home

Fr. Chris Bennett and his parish provided us a new set of prayers for when we can’t gather for mass (Ordinary Time). The sets of prayers are found on the Secretariat Google Drive found here: Fr Chris Bennett’s Care Packages and Prayers.

Please share this message to other Cursillistas who might be interested.

National Cursillo Encounter 2020

National Cursillo Encounter 2020 is scheduled for July 24-25, 2020.  It is a virtual event that includes Rollos, Mass, and Music.  It is open to all Cursillistas.  It is the 30th year! Registration is open through July 18th.  The schedule is posted.

Please let me know when you register.  We would love to hear your feedback after the session.

For details and registration please use this link: National Cursillo Encounter 2020.

Catholic Charities: COVID Recovery Ministry

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer and serve our community with Catholic Charities.  Your support has been welcomed and appreciated. We are told that Food Distribution Volunteers are needed for St John  Vianney parish. Please contact Lynda DeManti at

Also, new programs may be introduced in next 1-3 months. Please stay tuned.

Secretariat Update

Three-Day Chair

As noted above, we started our discernment for our Three-Day Chair.  We are asking the community to prayerfully discern those who are willing to serve. Serving on the Secretariat is a commitment of three years.

Please reach out to Larry Cargnoni for more information if you are interested. You can contact us and find a summary of the role at

2021 Spring Weekend Dates

All weekends will be held at Saint Clare’s Retreat Center. We also posted on our website the upcoming weekends, so please save the date.
Men’s Weekend
April 15-18, 2021
Women’s Weekend
April 29- May 02, 2021

Stay Connected

If you are on Facebook, please also join our private Facebook group to connect with our community and stay current with our events. Please also contact John Huân Vu if you have any issues joining.

Stay up-to-date with our events by integrating the San Jose Cursillo event calendar to your personal calendar via Google Calendar or iCal.