My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for your patience….

Please see below for two important sets of information:

1. An Easter message from Fr Chris Bennett and updated Easter care package for Community.

2. An urgent call for volunteers to assist with Food Distribution at St Lucy on Friday April 10.   I received details this afternoon.

We know that over communicating can be an issue, however, in light of the situation and our call to support and serve either, I felt it best to send the information.

All my love and blessings to you as you journey with Christ through this Holy Triduum on the way to a joyous Easter.


Larry Cargnoni

Call For Volunteers – Food Distibution

 Food Distribution – St Lucy

Call for Volunteers – Food Distribution:  April 10, 9AM – 12:30PM. St Lucy Parish.2350 Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008
St Lucy – Google Map
Fr Jon Pedigo will give an Good Friday Blessing at 8:30AM.

Second Harvest Food Bank and Catholic Charities are planning to distribute food from St Lucy on April 10 from 10AM – 12PM.

If you can help please sign up here: Parish Food Distribution Volunteer Sign Up or simply arrive by 9AM.

Safety – directly from Catholic Charities:
I.    Welcome – Maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from one another AT ALL TIMES

II.    Mask must be worn at all times

III.    If available  wash your hands (or sanitize) and put on gloves.  You will be checked in shortly

IV.    If available temperature will be check at the time of check in

V.     If you:
a.    are over the age of 65
b.    have a fever or had a fever in the last 24 hrs
c.    have a cough or had a cough in the last 24 hrs
d.    have been exposed to someone with COVID-19
e.    have been around anyone whom is ill


** Do not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact**

Updated – Easter Saint Christopher’s Parish Prayers at Home….

From Fr. Chris Bennett…
Fr. Chris’ Care Packages can be found here: under Resource FilesDear Brothers and Sisters,

It is a source of great personal sadness for me that we will not be able to celebrate our Sacred Triduum given the restrictions on public gatherings. We will celebrate the Sacred Triduum in a way the Church has never seen in all its history—privately and without You. The very place in which the body of Christ finds its identity, offers prayer, and receives solace in time of crisis—that is, the church building—is not available to us. The present situation does not negate the joy we have been granted in the wonder of the Resurrection; we will live it out this year in very different ways. The saving mystery of the Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus is our springtime. Holy Week and Easter will go on and the Risen Jesus will be with us in these uncharted waters.

During these times of uncertainty and travail, let us remember that death was only the beginning, not the end of the story. Rocks that seem as big as boulders in this life will one day be rolled away if we remain faithful, for we too will rise with Christ.

Mass of the Lord’s Supper will be celebrated in the evening of Holy Thursday at 8:00pm, the Good Friday liturgy will be at 2:00pm and Easter Vigil to be celebrated at 8:00pm. The live-streamed liturgies of the Sacred Triduum will be available on our Webb page.

On a much more practical note, we welcome and need your financial support during these challenging times, we are especially trying to keep our staff members paid, as they are safe at home, like you are!

You will find attached to this email a Spiritual Care Package which I hope you’ll find helpful.

May Jesus Christ, healer of all, stay with you and your loved ones in this time of uncertainty. Wishing you the joy of the Risen Christ this Easter.


Fr. Chris

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