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The San Jose Cursillo Movement is a nonprofit organization that is maintained only by donations, dedicated volunteers and the wonderful Grace of God.

Attempting to assist God and doing His will, is a never-ending gift that requires the dedication and support of many hands and hearts.

The following are specific positions or areas where our Movement needs help:

  1. Someone to help with and maintain this website
  2. People to help the Three-Day Chairperson
  3. People to help the Post-Cursillo/4th Day Chairperson (please refer to the 4th Day Section of this website)
  4. Cursillo Parish Rep Coordinator (please see the Parish Rep Section of this website)
  5. Help with the educational aspects of the Cursillo Movement (please refer to the School of Leaders Section of this website)
  6. Someone to help set up a Ministries Information Program
  7. General help (miscellaneous items)

If you have any questions or comments regarding these areas of help needed, please contact Chris Basanese, English Cursillo Lay Director. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible.


Bring Christ to yourself, your families, friends, workplace and be active in your parishes and personal ministries. Truly represent what Cursillo is all about, by your ACTIONS.


In addition to the above there are many other ways that someone can help make Cursillo a vibrant and growing Movement of the Church and Community:

  1. Sponsor people for the Weekends—Please refer to the Sponsoring Section of this website.
  2. Attend, be involved and help with the 4th Day activities of this Movement.— Please refer to the 4th Day Section of this website.
  3. Participate and help with the Cursillo Weekends and Renewal Weekends.
  4. Provide palanca for the new Candidates, Teams and Weekends.—Please refer to the Palanca Section of this website.
  5. Become involved in the Secretariat and the different committees responsible for keeping this Movement vibrant and growing.— Please refer to the Secretariat Section of this website.
  6. Become informed and educated in what Cursillo is about. Learn what the Holy Spirit and the Founding Fathers wanted for Cursillo. Attend training programs, read books, etc. —Please refer to the School of Leaders Section of this website.
  7. Financial Donations— Please refer to the Donations Section of this website.