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Without the cooperation and support of the San Jose Cursillo Community and the sponsoring of new candidates, there would be no Cursillo Weekends. Thank you for getting involved in God’s work.

The role of being a Sponsor is a tremendous gift from God but it is also a serious responsibility requiring time, effort and most of all, PRAYER.


Selection of the Candidates

  1. Cursillo is open to all mature adults, but ideally if married, both spouses should be acceptable and recruited together so that both can share the Cursillo experience and work together in God’s love.
  2. The sponsor should know the candidate well enough to be responsible for recommending the Cursillo Weekend to them. Cursillo is not for everyone and definitely is not a place to solve personal, psychological or emotional problems. If someone is undergoing marital separation or a loss and/or is suffering from depression they should consider making their Weekend at a latter date when they are less emotionally encumbered. The Weekend is a good time but that is not the main reason you sponsor someone.
  3. The candidate should be Catholic because it is a Catholic weekend. However, exceptions will be made, but it will be limited and will require the acceptance of the Spiritual Advisor/priest on the Weekend. All of the Sacraments will be discussed and there will be a reconciliation service and the rosary will be said. The Weekend is not ecumenical. If the non-Catholic candidate would be more comfortable with a Protestant format, we will assist in getting them on a Protestant Cursillo Weekend.
  4. Candidates should be from the San Jose Diocese. Any exceptions should be referred to the Lay Director. The acceptance of candidates from outside of the Diocese will depend on the availability of a functioning fourth day program in the candidate’s home area and space available on the Weekend.
  5. There will be a suggested contribution requested on the weekend. (Currently now costs are approximately $225.00+ per person (including the deposit) to put on the Weekend, however, each person is free to contribute as their circumstances or blessings dictate. )
  6. After the application has been completed, it needs to be mailed with a deposit (at least four weeks before the Cursillo Weekend) to: San Jose Cursillo, P.O. Box 6648, San Jose CA 95150
  7. Please refer to the Application Section of the website for applications to sponsor a candidate (new Application).
  8. If you have any questions about sponsoring or want to be contacted, please send your request to the Pre-Cursillo Chair. Your request will be responded to as soon as possible.

Sponsor Guidelines

Those who have experienced a Cursillo may wish to share the experience by sponsoring a candidate for the Cursillo weekend. Sponsorship of persons for the Cursillo is a matter for serious consideration and prayer. The following guidelines are provided to be certain that the sponsor is aware of their responsibilities and to provide guidance to both sponsors and candidates regarding the requirements and procedures that apply. To avoid confusion and remain consistent with other Cursillo documentation we will refer to everything beyond the weekend as 4 th day. Weekly reunions are many times referred to as 4 th day but are technically called Group Reunions or Friendship Groups and the monthly meetings are called Ultreyas.

I. Selection of Candidates

  1.  Ideally, both husband and wife should be acceptable candidates for the Cursillo weekend and should be recruited and accepted together so that both can share the experience and work together as a unit of Christian Community. Cursillo could possibly be divisive to a husband/wife relationship if only one participated.
  2. The sponsor should know the applicant well enough to act responsibly in recommending Cursillo to them.
  3. The sponsor should be sensitive to the candidate’s emotional makeup. Because of the close community life of the three-day experience, someone who is known to have difficulty in emotional or stressful situations or with interpersonal relationships might find the weekend too trying an experience. People undergoing marital separation, a recent loss of a loved one, or severe depression should be considered at a future time, when they would be less encumbered emotionally.
  4. The candidate should be Catholic since this is a Catholic weekend (exceptions can be made with the approval of the Spiritual Advisor).
  5. Candidates should be from the San Jose Diocese. Any exceptions to this should be referred to the Pre-Cursillo Chair. Acceptance of candidates from outside the Diocese will depend on space available.
  6. The Cursillo experience is not a weekend for those who don’t believe in God or who are looking to find their “higher power” but a weekend to better understand the Catholic faith and the Holy Trinity.
  7. There will be a suggested contribution of $225.00 for the cost of the weekend which will include a deposit of $50.00 which must accompany the application. However, anyone is free to contribute as his or her circumstances (blessings) afford.
  8. After the application has been completed, it should be mailed to the Pre-Cursillo Chair with the $50.00 deposit (payments made to: San Jose Cursillo Secretariat, PO Box 6648, San Jose CA 95150). Applications should be sent as soon as possible as weekends fill up quickly.

II. Duties of the Sponsor/ Co-Sponsor

Every candidate must have a sponsor! The role of the sponsor is an important one before the weekend, during the weekend and following the weekend. Team members can be a co-sponsor with another member of the Cursillo community. The co-sponsor that is not working the team will have the responsibilities as outlined below in sections A, B and C. Sponsors should sponsor not more than two candidates per weekend. Because the sponsor accepts the responsibility for initiating the candidate into the 4th Day and for guiding the newest of the community in continuing to live a Christ-centered life, it is recommended that the sponsor be involved in a Group Reunion or Ultreya. The sponsor should also have an adequate knowledge of the Cursillo Method and should commit themselves only to those candidates they can follow up with effectively.

Pre-Cursillo Duties 

  • Commit to attendance at the Sponsor’s Meeting.
  • It is absolutely necessary to adequately prepare the candidate. The sponsor/ co-sponsor should explain the weekend and tell them what to expect (i.e. the talks, the Masses, etc.), but not about Palanca, Mananitas or Tardecitas, Agape or Clausura.
  • The responsibility of the sponsor is to see that each candidate realizes that they are renewing their Baptismal commitment to Christ by participating in a movement of the Catholic Church.  This is a way of life that is strengthened and encouraged by contact with Christ and other brothers and sisters. This is sustained in a special way by the weekly Group Reunion which is one valuable way to live out the renewed commitment to Christ and the Church.
  • The small Cursillo pamphlet has the essential information for both sponsor and candidate. It should be read and discussed by both the sponsor and the candidate.

Cursillo Weekend Duties

  1. A sponsor/co-sponsor is to provide the candidate with transportation to and from the weekend and to ensure the candidate has dinner before arrival on Thursday of the weekend. At the same time, the sponsor is to accompany the candidate into the weekend facility and help make the candidate feel comfortable.
  2. A sponsor/co-sponsor is expected to palanca prayers and to attend the Clausura. All are encouraged to attend the potluck at the conclusion of Clausura .
  3. The sponsor/co-sponsor should make an effort to call on or be available to thecandidate’s family during the three days of Cursillo.

Post-Cursillo Duties

The sponsor/co-sponsor will assist the candidate in attending Ultreyas, School of Leaders Workshops and offer help finding or forming a Group Reunion (4 th Day or Friendship Group). The 4 th Day Group is the key to persevering and keeping the fire with Christ and the Community alive, which began on the Three Days.