The Secretariat

The Secretariat is the administrative organizational arm of the San Jose English Cursillo Movement. Each Cursillo Movement (English, Hispanic, Filipino, Korean and Vietnamese) within the San Jose Catholic Diocese has its own Secretariat. The responsibility of the Secretariat is to insure that the Cursillo Movement is alive and well and following the guidelines of the founding fathers.

Secretariat Positions:

 We are currently looking to fill the Post Cursillo Chair.  If you are feeling called to participate on the San Jose Secretariat please send us a note. 

Officer’s Meeting:

The Officers of the San Jose English Cursillo Secretariat meet on the second Wednesday of every month

Chris Basanese
Chris BasaneseLay Director
Chris made his Cursillo in Spring 1995 and has been married his wife Norma for over 39 years. He is a parishioner at both Holy Family and St Julie Parish. He is involved in RCIA, sings in a choir, lectors and is a Eucharistic Minister.

Fr. Chris Bennett
Fr. Chris BennettSpiritual Advisor
Fr. Chris made his weekend in ???? of ???? and is the pastor of St Christopher parish. He is very active with working weekends and supporting the Cursillo movement.

Larry Cargnoni
Larry CargnoniSchool of Leaders
Larry made his Cursillo in the Spring of 2010. He is married to Kathy, also a Cursillista, for 24 years and has 2 daughters. He is a parishioner of St Julie Billart Parish.

Julie Goschy Stalions
Julie Goschy StalionsPre-Cursillo Chair
Julie made her Cursillo in the Fall of 2004. She is married to Phil, also a Cursillista, for 10 years and has 2 daughters. She is a parishioner of Holy FamilyParish.

Mary-Kathryn Lee
Mary-Kathryn LeeThree Day Chair
Bio Coming Soon

Mary Grunthaner
Mary GrunthanerPost Cursillo Chair
Mary made her Cursillo in the Spring of 2000. She is married to Sheri, also a Cursillista, for ?? years and is a school teacher. She is a parishioner Transfiguration Parish.

Sheri Burns
Sheri BurnsAssistant Spiritual Director
Bio Coming Soon

Sue Winklebleck
Sue WinklebleckAssistant Lay Director
Sue made his Cursillo in the Fall of 2001. She was also Rectora in the Fall 2013. She has ??? children. She is a parishioner of St Thomas of Canterbury.

Mike O'Connell
Mike O'ConnellTreasurer
Mike made his Cursillo in the Fall of 2003. He is married to Lyn, also a Cursillista since the fall of 2003, for 24 years and together have 3 children. He is a parishioner at the Church of the Resurrection in Sunnyvale.

Amy Blalock-Castillo
Amy Blalock-CastilloSecretary
Amy made her Cursillo in the Fall of 2005. She was Rectora in the Fall of 2014. It is a family affair as her parents were her sponsors and her husband Frank has recently made a weekend. Her family frequents several parishes, but can mostly be found at Holy Family or Santa Teresa events.

Secretariat Committees

To Be Determined / Open Position

San Jose Cursillo Secretariat BY LAWS
Lay Director

Secretariat Position Roll & Responsibilities

The members of the Secretariat should recall that the Lord, through his Bishop, has given them a most serious responsibility for the implementation of the authentic Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of San Jose. Conscious of each one’s talents, it should coordinate individual contributions into a total effort in support of the Movement in all its phases: Pre-Cursillo, Three-Day Cursillo and Post-Cursillo. Making decisions relating to the Movement is the responsibility of the Secretariat. All cursillistas are urged to support the Secretariat by prayer and Palanca. The Secretariat must determine the potential of the entire Diocesan

Movement so that each person may be led to discover their individual potential and contribute in a loving manner to the building up of the Kingdom of God. The Secretariat, as a service unit, is not established to be served but to serve the entire Cursillo Community. In this sense, the Secretariat meets as a Group Reunion whose apostolic plan is the promotion of the Cursillo Movement itself, programmed and carried out with the idea of the greatest service to all.