OPEN Secretariat Positions

 Secretariat Positions Open in July 2018

Post Cursillo Chair

The Chairperson of the Post-Cursillo ensures that every Cursillista has the opportunity to grow in their Fourth Day. The Chairperson of the Post-Cursillo ensures that the Ultreyas maintain their essence, their living and sharing of the love of God and of neighbors in the environments. The Chairperson of the Post Cursillo is also responsible for other tasks described in the Roll & Responsibilities of the Diocese of San Jose Cursillo Secretariat manual.

NOTE: – Members of the Secretariat must be baptized Catholics, in good standing, who are active members of their parish. Members of the Secretariat can be nominated by the School of Leaders or they may nominate themselves, and are selected by the Secretariat for a three-year term by a simple majority vote of the members of the Secretariat. Ideally, only members of the School of Leaders will be eligible for nomination.