To Pay by Mail

Please note that all donations to the San Jose Cursillo Movement are tax deductible because we are an
official Lay Movement of the Catholic Church and of the San Jose Catholic Diocese.
Our Tax ID number is #94-2734503.
Please make your checks out to “San Jose Cursillo Secretariat” and send your donations to:

San Jose Cursillo Movement
P.O. Box 6648
San Jose, CA 95150

What is Cursillo

The Cursillo Movement is to make Christian Communities possible in neighborhoods, parishes, work situations, and other places where people live the greater part of their lives. The Cursillo makes it possible for anyone in the world to live a Christian life in a natural way. It is the means by which men and women are able to live the Gospel.

We thank you in advance if you are able to make a financial donation to help keep this “Cursillo Vision” going. But even more important than financial help, we ask you to please pray for the Cursillo Movement, specifically the San Jose English Movement, and for those dedicated cursillistas who volunteer to keep it alive.

Why Give?

The San Jose Cursillo Movement is always looking for donations in the form of physical help, Palanca (please see the Palanca Section of this website) and Prayer, but due to the continued escalating costs of our weekends (because of the economy), we also need financial assistance. (Housing alone for the weekend costs over $11,000).

Make a Difference

Approximately 95% of our donations come from the people who make the Weekend (Team and Candidates). However, with the continuing increase in the cost of facilities/supplies and our other expenses (manuals, mailings, printing, etc.), we are no longer covering our annual output (please refer to the “Donation Appeal Letter” in the Spring 2004 Rooster Crows Newsletter for more details). We need your help…. if you are financially blessed at this time, or sometime in the future.